January & February 2016
Dismal Swamp Canal Trail - 6M & 10M - Chesapeake - January 9, 2016
Fort Monroe - 10M & 15M - January 30, 2016
Dismal Swamp Canal Trail - 12M & 15M - Chesapeake - February 20, 2016

Tidewater Striders Distance Series ALL Images Special

To get the best price use the Add to Cart button below. Digital images are non-refundable. We will do a partial (not prorated) refund if we do not get at least one shot of you at the second or third race...if you purchase prior to that event. This is early bird pricing - the price will go up prior to the next event being posted.

This special is for one runner. We will send you the files shortly after each race of the Distance Series. You will be sent the pictures via email or sent a link to download a zip file which will contain all your identified images. Please remember to keep your bib number visible at all times during the run. If you are running with a friend...run close, hold hands, high five - all signs to our photographers that you are together! Don't run close to the runners in front of you as you cross the finish line to avoid being blocked in your finish line picture.

If you have found pictures of you that we didn't identify, please e-mail us the image numbers and we'll add them. If you find additional pictures after we have completed your order, we'll still send them to you!

All Distance Series Pictures
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