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2009 Basketball Photographs

Individual Basketball Photograph

A different set-up - you can count on for special poses!

Youth Sport Team Poster

Team Action Poster
Minimum Order for Team Action Posters is 4. Cost is $180. Each additional poster is $35. When the entire team buys, all posters are $35 each plus a complimentary 8x10 for the coach.

Picture Day is January 31, February 7th for teams that play at Seatack Elementary and February 8th for the Pee Wees. Pre-order envelopes will be distributed at the games on January 24th.

Please direct all photography questions to via e-mail.

If your questions aren't answered by this page, please e-mail us or call 757-623-0892.

Team Photography Day Schedule

Coming soon but is on envelope provided to coaches for distribution

Action Photography Day

SeaTack Elementary - February 7

FAQS - Team Photography

When is picture day?
The team and individual pictures will be taken on February 7th for teams that play at Seatack Elementary and February 8th for the Pee Wees. Other leagues are on January 31st.

When and where will the pictures be delivered?
The team and individual pictures will be delivered to the gym where each team plays on February 23rd

Why aren't the pictures being taken at our game site?
To ensure that all pictures can be delivered to the teams by the end of the season, we are having one photography day. This eliminates shipping charges for the team and individual picture products.

Does GNAA benefit from the photography sales?
Yes, this is a fundraiser for the GNAA Basketball leagues.

What is a PopMount?
A photographic plaque. The PopMount is an option for the Memory Mate. See a sample here.

Why is my team not on the photography day schedule?
We are glad to schedule any team that wants a team picture or Team Action Poster. Schedule was based on past interest of each league.

Can we pay with a Credit or Debit Card?
Yes, we accept VISA and Mastercard. Your card needs to be presented at Team Photography Day to You may call the office at 757-623-0892 with the info prior to Team Photography Day.

FAQs - Action Photography

Why is my league's gym not scheduled for action photography?
We will schedule a game or session for any team or athlete that makes a downpayment or purchases a team action poster.

Why Reservations?
It increases our creativity by allowing us to concentrate on athletes that desire high quality professional action shots.

Will you take pictures of my athlete without a reservation?
Our photographer will concentrate on the players with reservations but will shoot other players as time and action dictates. All action photographs will be posted online within 48 hours of the game.

In 2009, action photographs will only be done by request except at Seatack where action photography will be taken as time allows. Make a reservation to ensure your athlete is captured. Call 757-623-0892 for more information.

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