Hurricane Isabel
Cat 5 downgraded to Cat 1 to Tropical Storm
North Carolina to Canada
September 18, 2003

The impending storm disappointed many triathletes as it was announced on September 17 that the Sandman Triathlon would not be held on September 21.

Without power and little Internet access and no races to cover, TriDuo went in search of a new triathlon course. The ideal course start is just a few blocks from our front door so we decided that the newly created swimming hole, Midtown Tunnel, would be an ideal place for the swim.

Since we prefer Olympic Distance races and longer swims, the swim will be from Norfolk towards Portsmouth - turn around at the VDOT truck . The double yellow lines will divide the swim course.

Obviously the road conditions call for off-road bikes and superb bike handling. We do not recommend you try this at home without the supervision of trained USAT officials.

The run will require some careful steps but at least the cars have been neutralized.

As you all know this course is in jest and we hope that everyone survived Isabel with their lives intact and with little property damage. And we hope that very shortly that the biggest problem of our lives returns to where is the postrace party?

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