Sports Photography - Sandman Triathlon

September 17, 2006 - Virginia Beach, VA

1k Swim, 14 Mile Bike & 5k Run

Sandman Triathlon Montages

Commemorate your Sandman Triathlon finish with a race montage!

Capturing Your Moment at Sandman Triathlon

Sandman Triathlon pictures available now is proud to have been a part of the 2006 Sandman Triathlon. Individual action pictures have been uploaded, montages coming soon.

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Race Montages

Commemorate your Sandman Triathlon finish with a special montage. If we are able to identify you in all three events, you will have a race montage waiting for you. Montages will be posted after the event.

Digital Image CD

CDs may now be ordered from the photo galleries. If you order a CD of all your photos, we will include all photos we were able to identify of you based on your bib number. You may identify any additional photos of you during the check-out process. Online pricing includes shipping. Applicable tax and e-commerce fee will be applied as necessary during checkout.

More Information

Visit the Sandman Triathlon Website for additional information about the Sandman Triathlon.

Attention: Event Directors

If you are an event director and would like to have great photography coverage, e-mail us complete event information. Athletes can also let us know of events that they'd like to see cover.

Important Information

  • specializes in specially designed montages, posters and trading cards. E-mail us for information about customizing your Sandman Triathlon pictures. Consider celebrating your season with a 2006 Triathlon poster that includes photos from various events.
  • Visa and Mastercard are accepted when calling our office at 757-623-0892; you may also pay by check. Mail your check with order to:, 809 Brandon Ave Suite 300, Virginia Beach, Va 23517. Include name of image, event, gallery of image and size print you are purchasing

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