Shamrock Sportsfest
March 17, 2001

Open 8k
Master 8k Leaders    Marathon Leaders

Large Pack at the Beginning

The Kenyans at the front

Taking the first turn

The First Mile is over!

Lead Women at the First Mile!

Leaders at the 3 Mile Split

A small pack is still together with a mile to go!

Trying to break it up!

Half a mile to go and they are all still in contention!

Getting positioned for the Final Turns

And the winner will be the one with the most left!

Teresa Wanjiku, Kenya - Overall Female Winner

Gladys Asiba, Kenya - 2nd Overall Female

Grace Momanyi, Kenya - 3rd Overall Female

Elena Paramonova - 4th Overall Female

Tara Chandler, Virginia Beach - Wheelchair Champion

Master 8k Leaders    Marathon Leaders

pics by Ken